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Walmart – Where quality laptops are found at low cost!!!

Walmart stores incorporation is the world’s largest company by revenue. The stores are commonly known for discount departmental stores and ware house. This is an American multinational company head quartered in United States. Walmart has launched its online shopping in recent years. The online shopping offers variety of discounts to the customers. It is reported that the products ordered via online in any nation will reach the customers within a day. The website offers variety of choices to the customers. The products related to electronics, home furniture, clothing accessories, babies and kids accessories, sports related items, and crafts are some of the products that are available in the best quality. The features of Walmart online shopping is not restricted only to it, they also provides special offers on clearance sale, rollbacks, value bundles and the value of the day discounts. They also offer broad options for making the payment. The customers could pay via either through cash on delivery or via online. The customers also have a wide option for returning back the products upon dissatisfaction. The main motto for the company is to reduce the cost of living for the customer and the premises is working on it .The current hot sale that is available in the Walmart online shopping website is at its best for electronic goods particularly laptops and its accessories. They are known for cheap laptops under $300.

Walmart Store - Photo credit: Mike Mozart

Walmart Store – Photo credit: Mike Mozart

There is variety of brands available in the laptops and the most preferred is Samsung which is pioneer in mobiles and also in laptops. The Samsung products are known for the customer friendly. In recent years the Samsung has launched its exynos chrome book which is light weight with a powerful browser. The Samsung Silver 11.6 inch chrome book Exynos 5 dual processor with Google chrome operating system has a mega offer that is been spotted in the online Walmart shopping. The featured about the laptop is reported quite well and it is the only shopping market where cheap laptop under $300 is available in abundant. The cloud focused chrome operating system is the unique feature that is been incorporated in this particular chrome book.

HP Chrome laptop - Photo credit: John Karakatsanis

HP Chrome laptop – Photo credit: John Karakatsanis

The Chrome book is a reasonable device with stand out hardware facility and a good battery life. It is reported that due to its advanced features it switches on rapidly consuming low power processor, pretty good resolution with wide viewing angle. The technical specification about the product is 11.6 inch display, with 2GB system memory, dual band wireless network connectivity, incorporated with 0.3 MP web camera and 16 GB flash memory. Its multi touch display system Celeron type processor, with dual core processor further helps in hand for touching the excellence in its performance. The laptop is built in for ultra thin and ultra light specifications for its maximum portability. People aiming cheap laptop under $200 and that too for Chrome book Walmat online shopping is the best of choice. Although there are lots of online stores that offer laptops at the discounts none could compete with Walmart in terms of price and for the graded products. On glimpsing through the customers review overall 91 % of the customers would recommend the particular product. On e-shopping in the Walmart website, the product is available at $189 and the customer could save around $60.99 with free shipping facility. On comparing the price in various other website the Walmart.com offers cheapest price for this particular notebook in an aim to sell the product under the slogan cheap laptop under $300. Thus login to Walmart.com and grab your products at your ease.

HP Stream 11 review: the Best Laptop Under $200

Laptops have emerged as the latest craze in the segment of the personal accessories and everyone wants to have one at the earliest. However, the choices are often messed up with the price issues and most of the seekers want to have the best functionality coupled with the best prices too. HP Stream 11 budget laptop is offered as one of the sought after products where the features have been optimized in less price. Being labeled as the best laptop under 200 dollars, it is being accepted with cheers. The reviews for this device are pretty impressive both from the users as also the market analysts.

HP Stream 11 laptop

HP Stream 11 laptop is offered as a cloud based smart device that provides some of the core and intrinsic functions through the cloud; like the 1 TB of cloud OneDrive. This mega online storage function has been augmented with the 32 GB of the solid state disk space. The prominent features of HP stream laptop are as follows –

Product weight – 2.8 pounds

Product dimensions – 8.1 X 11.1 x 0.78 (al measurement in inches)

The processor – Intel Celeron N2840 with 2.16 GHz and Intel HD Graphics


Storage – 1 TB of cloud (OneDrive)

Display and screen – 11.6 inches and maximum resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels

Ports – 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, 1HDMI, 1 Headphone

OS – Windows 8

Battery type and life – one Lithium ion battery; full charging gives about 8+ hours of continuous use.

The advantages of HP Stream 11


The design and looks are great and the device can be well flaunted as a modern and sleek one. The keyboard covers the entire length and the screen dimension is also fine.

Battery life

Battery deliveries are pretty good and one can operate for more than 8 hours on full charge. It can be thus used as a travel laptop without the problem of early discharge.

Cloud functionality

The device has been offered with optimizing cloud functions in the form of high 1 TB storage and Microsoft Office 365 online support for one year.


Touchpad size is 3.75 x 2.5 and works well for moving the cursor at the desktop and app switching tasks.

HP Stream 11

Disadvantages of HP Stream 11

The disadvantages are only fewer and could be listed as –

Heat generation – the battery generates more than normal heat during the complex functions like the video streaming.

Display – the display at 1388 x 768 pixels gives moderate performance that cannot be called as fantastic.

HP Stream 11 can be called as the best laptop under 200 dollars and its features make it more functional than the chromebooks.

How to get a cheap laptop?

In this modern world getting any electronic device for your personal use is an easy task. Computer systems or laptops are the most essential thing in every residence or in business organisation. A branded laptop will always high in cost but it will not affordable for all persons. Most of the people will search laptops in low price. If you require laptops in low cost then you want to put your sincere hard efforts to find the most excellent one. You don’t have to worry about the excellence of the laptop because you can obtain the best cheap laptops in good quality with the help of internet. You need to focal point on some special characteristics at the time of purchase. In online you can read out the customer reviews about laptops in cheap cost so that it will guide you in the effective way. The first major thing you want to look in your laptop is the processor. Comparison of two different laptops will help you to make a selection. You want to choose the right laptop with high processor speed. Once you purchase it you cannot make any modifications in the processor speed therefore you want to be careful in this feature.

Guidelines to select the most excellent laptop

If you have extra amount to invest in personal laptop then you can select the laptop with higher speed. Keep the centre point on your financial plan at the time of selection. Search for the laptop with less weight because you are the one going to carry the system with you at all time as a result you want to reduce your burden in the weight of computer. Portability is the major thing so as a buyer he wants to keep the attention on it. If you are using your system more frequently then it is good to prefer the less weight otherwise heaviness is not an issue. Then you need to look for the screen size of the laptop. Best cheap laptops will have the pattern size so you need to prefer that laptop. If you enhance the size of the laptop you want to spend more in your money. In this way you want to take some additional care on the acquisition. Hard drives are available in the market at low cost so you can easily obtain the peripheral hard drives soon after the laptop purchase.

Getting cheap laptop

Make a sincere analysis in the configuration

In a simple way you can buy your cheap laptops in the market place at the present time. Laptops are the basic need for every person to work on their jobs and to store their personal files and information. You can easily carry your laptops to any place. When you spend your money you want to be aware of your investment. First thing you want to look the hardware configuration set up in every laptop. Check the life of battery otherwise you want to spend extra money in the battery. You want to choose the right place for the purchase of your laptop. If you spend your time in internet before the purchase then you can find the best dealer for your laptop. In internet some websites will sell the laptop in bad condition so you want to bear the loss of pay. If you are not in emergency situation then you can wait for some time for the advancement of technology. In some time you can even get discounts on the cheap laptops. You can get the newer version of laptop in cheap cost in the internet market from the best dealer.