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UP2 by Jawbone Review

The Jawbone UP2 is a very good activity tracker that exactly tracks your calories, distance and sleep. Now, it is available in three different sizes and comes in three new colors such as lemon lime, orange and pink coral so you can choose the best one that suits your wrist perfectly. It is a lightweight activity tracker so it is comfortable to use for various things. There is a single button on the jawbone wristband, once you press that it tells you which mode you are in such as sleeping or awake. After that you can change the mode by holding down the button. If you want to track time an activity, you just start a stopwatch by tapping the button until it vibrates. It requires a charging to do once per week and also easy to misplace anywhere.

Jawbone UP2 fitness tracker

Jawbone UP2 fitness tracker

The great specialty about a Jawbone activity tracker is to take off the band and plug it into any other device or smart phones for synchronizing your normal metrics and sleep data. Recently, I bought the jawbone up24 and really wondered about its cool features. It greatly supports Bluetooth smart for real time sync and made with simple and stylish design. The key features of jawbone wristband are best silent alarm feature, sleep tracking, one week battery life, real time syncing of Bluetooth, built in vibration motor and splash resistant. This wristband band is made from a textured rubber with a swirled pattern design that looks stylish when you wear. You can buy jawbone from any three sizes such as small, medium and large from Amazon and simply use it with the help of clicking buttons. Let you find a better choice of wristbands and works with UP24 features to update your activities. Therefore, jawbone is a smart choice of activity tracker to achieve your goals in the digital world.


Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band Review

Garmin Vivofit Review

Garmin Vivofit is an amazing fitness tracker which can be easily worn around your wrist. I really like to use this wristband which is smart enough to learn about my activity levels daily. Usually, we set our goal manually, but this automatic feature wristband helps you to reach the ultimate goal by keeping alerting people at the right time. Once you set your goals and important task in this product, it will remind at a correct time and allows you to complete your task on time. If you are a regular athlete, this kind of product is helpful for you to achieve activity goals within your level. Recently, I used to buy this product from Amazon and stunning about its features. This actual device is completely water resistant to shower and swimming water, rain and sweat. The Vivofit battery lasts up to one year and has an impressive length than other pedometers. The only thing that you have to do is to put recharge in under a week.

The Garmin Vivofit is a smart wearable technology ring that motivates you to keep moving towards goal by monitors your activity. It has an ability to track distance, heart rate, step count and calories daily and for over a month. You can also view your record logs through computer, laptop and tablet by connecting to it. The great feature of Vivofit is the inactivity alert feature which alerts you when you are inactive for too long. This pedometer displays a red bar that tracks your normal activity metrics and if it grows longer that indicates you stay inactive. Then, you can reset the bar again to monitor your activities normally and simply makes you get up and move. Let you try to use this impressive quality Garmin Vivofit pedometer and understanding your progress as well.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker Review

Fitbit flex is a fairly good product to use that keeps track of distance traveled, calories burned and active minutes. Recently, I purchased and used this product from Amazon, which has great GPS features and also a lack of water resistance. I could be using this wristband device for a whole day, even wear it when swimming and showering. The wristband display is very nice that looks quite a bigger and chunkier. This fit bit flex product is perfectly suitable to my tastes so it can also refer to my friends and family members to purchase this product. I also get the feedback from my knowing couple; they also said about the quality of products and feel enthusiastic about its features. I frequently used to wear this wristband during health fitness workouts to track how much calories were burned and also use at the night time to track how long I sleep well. It also wakes you on time with a mild wake alarm and the presence of LED lights show off your important task of the day.

Fitbit Flex Colors

I really surprised about the fit bit wristband product because of its availability of colors and sizes. The Fitbit wireless device has totally 9 attractive colors such as pink, blue, red, black, slate, teal, and tangerine, black flex wireless activity and navy blue. This product helps me a lot to record my activities like hours slept, active minutes, calories burned, etc. With the help of this activity tracker device, one can set your goals and achieve it by syncing your stats. I bought this product from Amazon with one year manufacturer warranty from my date of product purchase. When I use this stylish device, it motivates me a lot and be more active in the work. Let you try this stunning fit bit flex which will be a good companion for you at anytime and everywhere.

HP Stream 11 review: the Best Laptop Under $200

Laptops have emerged as the latest craze in the segment of the personal accessories and everyone wants to have one at the earliest. However, the choices are often messed up with the price issues and most of the seekers want to have the best functionality coupled with the best prices too. HP Stream 11 budget laptop is offered as one of the sought after products where the features have been optimized in less price. Being labeled as the best laptop under 200 dollars, it is being accepted with cheers. The reviews for this device are pretty impressive both from the users as also the market analysts.

HP Stream 11 laptop

HP Stream 11 laptop is offered as a cloud based smart device that provides some of the core and intrinsic functions through the cloud; like the 1 TB of cloud OneDrive. This mega online storage function has been augmented with the 32 GB of the solid state disk space. The prominent features of HP stream laptop are as follows –

Product weight – 2.8 pounds

Product dimensions – 8.1 X 11.1 x 0.78 (al measurement in inches)

The processor – Intel Celeron N2840 with 2.16 GHz and Intel HD Graphics


Storage – 1 TB of cloud (OneDrive)

Display and screen – 11.6 inches and maximum resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels

Ports – 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, 1HDMI, 1 Headphone

OS – Windows 8

Battery type and life – one Lithium ion battery; full charging gives about 8+ hours of continuous use.

The advantages of HP Stream 11


The design and looks are great and the device can be well flaunted as a modern and sleek one. The keyboard covers the entire length and the screen dimension is also fine.

Battery life

Battery deliveries are pretty good and one can operate for more than 8 hours on full charge. It can be thus used as a travel laptop without the problem of early discharge.

Cloud functionality

The device has been offered with optimizing cloud functions in the form of high 1 TB storage and Microsoft Office 365 online support for one year.


Touchpad size is 3.75 x 2.5 and works well for moving the cursor at the desktop and app switching tasks.

HP Stream 11

Disadvantages of HP Stream 11

The disadvantages are only fewer and could be listed as –

Heat generation – the battery generates more than normal heat during the complex functions like the video streaming.

Display – the display at 1388 x 768 pixels gives moderate performance that cannot be called as fantastic.

HP Stream 11 can be called as the best laptop under 200 dollars and its features make it more functional than the chromebooks.