Guinea Pig Food

Timothy Hay is completely natural, without any additives or preservatives. There is a very good chance that, because it is lower in calcium, urinary tract problems will be lower. Timothy hay is extremely high in essential fiber, which small animals need. Our hay is second cut, which means that it is softer and contains less stems. Veterinarians for small animals – such as chinchillas, guinea pigs and rabbits – recommend Timothy Hay to their clients.

Here at we recommend free-feeding Timothy Hay to your small animals as it is an aid to digestion and their oral health. A continuous supply of Timothy Hay will undoubtedly increase your pet’s mental health, as to these animals, the act of grazing and chewing is very soothing.

The only ingredient is all natural, cured by the sun Timothy Hay.

Many Guinea Pig owners use the all natural Timothy Grass Hay. It contains an abundance of nutrients needed by these animals with the added bonus of its forage quality being very high. Timothy hay is a bunch-grass, cool-season perennial that loves the higher climates. Because of its shallow root system, it does not do well in southern states where the climate is warmer as it is not tolerant of droughts.

This is a very forgiving grass hay as it grows easily with clovers, meadow grasses and alfalfa.  To harvest Timothy hay at its highest quality, it must be done early in the flowering stage. That is when the nutrients are richest and very tender. Once you leave the blooming stage, the plant may degrade in quality. By harvesting at the optimal time, we ensure that our hay is of the highest quality and contains the most nutritional value.

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